• What is love in terms of chemistry?

    Constantine the Great
    Constantine the Great
    August 8, 2011
    What is love in terms of chemistry?

    What is love in terms of chemistry is a combination of five different hormones that are released in a person’s brain and affect his emotions and body sensations.

    1. Dopamine is a hormone that is responsible for purposefulness and concentration on future events. This hormone precedes the feeling of pleasure and therefore it creates an anticipation of pleasant events, forcing them to strive for their realization. It reinforces a certain behavior, and if a certain behavior has not brought results in the past, then dopamine will not be released later.
    2. Serotonin is a pleasure hormone that raises our spirits even when there are no special reasons for it, so during the love period we flutter and rejoice in everything around us, but as time passes, the amount of this hormone in the blood drops sharply. There are people for whom this hormone is like a drug and it is only with it that they associate love - with bright positive emotions and as soon as the period of rainbow love passes,they break off relationships and go in search of new ones, although falling in love is just a stage, and love itself is much deeper and more multifaceted.
    3. Adrenaline - it activates our forces, because of it, we cannot sit still and want to perform feats. It allows you to easily do what you usually can not do or just do not want, like many kilometers of walks or romantic surprises.
    4. Endorphins are hormones of satisfaction and rest. Endorphins stand out mainly when having sex and make a person feel safe and peaceful.
    5. Oxytocin and vazopresin are hormones that form a feeling of tender attachment. They stand out in a more relaxed period when love has gone well with our partner, our feelings are mutual and we are confident in each other.

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