• What is the junta?

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    What is the junta?

    The junta is a form of government. The word itself comes from the Spanish "junta". Means, as a rule, a group of the military, who came to the management of illegal means, with the use of violence, with the help of a coup. The junta exercises a dictatorial form of government through terrorism.

    Below we give the history of the term junta.


    The original term is Spanish. Previously, he carried no negative meaning. Defines a union, as well as - a collection, for example, of the Cortes (16th century). And in the beginning of the 19th century, the junta even elects the king of Spain - Bonaparte Joseph, brother of the famous Napoleon. Subsequently in Spain there are junta of a different nature, both liberal and more radical.

    Definition in dictionaries

    According to Ozhegov, for example, the meaning of the term cannot be limited only territorially: by Spain or Latin American states. In a broader sense of the word, the junta is a terrorist group that seized state power by means of a coup, established the dictatorship of terror in the country.For example, the Greek junta "black colonels", as well as the Myanmar junta.

    In a figurative sense

    The �junta� in a figurative sense is used to identify governments with a high level of corruption in states where the management belongs to the mafia and the oligarchic top (�the power of thieves�). Also, this definition is used in the conduct of various information wars in order to create and maintain a negative perception of government among the people.

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