• What is jamon?

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    What is jamon?

    Every nation has its own flavor and its own national characteristics. National cuisine is included in a number of such features. Through the culture of cooking you can learn a lot about the people inhabiting a particular country.

    Today we will talk about one of these dishes - ham.

    What is jamon: definition

    It is no coincidence that the speech at the beginning was about national cuisine. The word "jamon" came to us from Spanish and represents one of the dishes of Spanish cuisine. Ham in Spain is called uncooked pork ham, which is a delicacy.

    The history of cooking jamon has more than one century, for which it could well become a culinary symbol of Spanish cuisine. Initially, jamon was not so refined. The idea of its production arose from the fact that people needed to have stocks of meat in order to feed themselves and their family. Therefore, the processes of drying and drying meat are of great importance in the preparation of jamon. Consistently carrying out these processes one after another under certain conditions, manufacturers achieve their desired taste, not without the participation of salt, of course.

    In addition to drying and drying, cutting of meat is considered to be an important process. This requires a special knife, the use of which will also play a role in the taste of the future delicacy. But jamon is not only meat.

    Hamon is also the proper name of some members of one of the dynasties of the feudal world in Brittany. In addition, jamon is the line that serves as the separation of metals in the composition of the blade during hardening the blade. It is characteristic for various Japanese swords.

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