• What is height?

    In general, height is the distance from the lower to the upper point, measured in a vertical line from bottom to top. However, this term has other meanings. In this article we will talk about what height is in various fields of science and life.

    Elevation in everyday life

    In everyday life, we are accustomed to using the word height in the meaning, as we have already mentioned, of the distance from the lower to the upper point of any surface or plane. The distance is, I must say, can be not only physical. So, for example, the height of a wall is quite a sizeable quantity, but the phrase “to achieve heights in one’s business” has a slightly different nature, although, speaking this phrase, we still mean the distance that a person walked from novice to professional , although this distance and can not touch and measure. In this case, height has the value of a high level of development.

    Also height can be called a sublime place.

    Math height

    The term "height" we often hear in geometry, the height of a figure is one of its most important parameters.The height of the figure is a perpendicular dropped from the top of the figure to its base.

    The height of a geometric shape is often used in formulas to calculate its area. For example, to find the area of ​​a triangle, you must multiply the height by the base and divide the resulting work in half.

    To learn how to determine the height of a triangle, read the article How to find the height of a triangle.

    Height in physics

    In physics, pitch is one of the basic properties of sound. The height of the sound is determined by the frequency of its impact on the eardrum - the greater the frequency of oscillation, the higher the sound.

    Interestingly, the quantitative assessment of the pitch of the sound is based on the statistical processing of a huge amount of data on the subjective perception of sound.

    Altitude in geography

    In geography, the concepts of absolute and relative heights are distinguished.

    Absolute height (altitude) is the distance from a specific point on the earth's surface to the average level of the ocean surface. The absolute height is the third coordinate of a point on the earth's surface, complementing the latitude and longitude and giving the most complete picture of the location of the object.If the absolute height lies above the average ocean level, it is considered positive, otherwise the height is called negative.

    The relative height is measured from the conditional level, which in a particular case is required to be taken as zero.

    To determine the heights of objects in geography, an instrument is used, which is called a level, and the measurement procedure itself is called leveling.

    Flight altitude

    Flight altitude is the distance from a specific reference level to an aircraft, measured vertically. Flight altitude is relative, true and absolute.

    The relative flight altitude is measured from the level of the aerodrome, the highest point of the terrain, or any other point chosen as the starting point for some reasons. The true height is determined from the point located directly under the aircraft body. Absolute altitude is measured from sea level.

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