• What is he: a leader?

    February 2, 2015
    What is he: a leader?

    A manager is a specialist who manages and controls the company's activities. In fact, the head is the highest level of the hierarchy of the organization or its part, this person is personally responsible for the effectiveness of the work of his subordinates.Nowadays, the notion of “manager” has become synonymous with the word leader, however, this is not quite true, for more information about this, see the articleWho is a manager

    What features does a manager have?

    Naturally, a person directing other people should have special qualities, for example:

    • Ability to act with a lack of data. Successful leaders have extensive enough knowledge in their field to intuitively feel a profitable option for further action.
    • Stability in a period of uncertainty. Panic is an unacceptable luxury for a person in a high position; therefore, even in the most incomprehensible situations, he must exude confidence, and this can be achieved by having an action plan for any succession of events.
    • Ability to cope with aggression and unpopularity.Often, decisions can cause dissatisfaction of subordinates, the leader is able to solve this issue, using the necessary levers of control.
    • The ability to bet on others. A successful leader does not want to be master of the situation, he is happy to share knowledge so that his subordinates can take on some of the managerial functions in a certain situation. This allows you not to stop the activities of the organization, if the head is sick or temporarily unable to perform their duties.

    These characteristics can be learned; for this purpose, various trainings are held today, lectures are given.

    Head traits

    And here is another group of characteristic features of a leader:

    • Energy and initiative. The head is obliged to set an example for employees how to advocate for their point of view and the success of the work as a whole. It is up to the leader that the activity of subordinates largely depends.
    • Independence, as part of high self-esteem. It is easier for a confident manager to do business, because he is calm for the decisions made and knows how to act in the event of a change in the situation. He is able to defend even the most unpopular of his actions.
    • Concentration of attention. A person in a management position often has to solve several problems simultaneously, so he must be able to concentrate on each one individually and at the same time keep them together in his field of attention.

    It is also possible to develop these qualities in oneself, but this will take more time, because it is necessary to change not only the ways of responding to the situation, but one’s own personal characteristics.

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