• What is fluorography?

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    What is fluorography?

    Since school years, almost every one of us has undergone a fluorographic examination for the presence of tuberculosis or changes in the tissues of the lungs. Therefore, everyone knows what fluorography is. This is an examination of the chest, bones and mammary glands with X-rays.

    Scientific discovery

    The discovery of X-rays belongs to Wilhelm Roentgen. In 1985, he published an article "On a new type of rays." Based on this discovery, a group of scientists from Italy and the United States developed a method for applying X-rays in medicine.

    In practice, the following happens: a person is placed in a special camera, where x-rays are passed through it, which give a projection of the image of the lungs onto a fluorescent screen, at which point a photograph of the visible image is taken. In the future, the film appears or is viewed with the help of special equipment with multiple magnification.

    What diseases can be identified?

    Tuberculosis (of different types), pneumonia, abscesses, tumors, silicosis - this is what fluorography shows. Also, with the help of X-ray machines, the mammary glands and bone tissue are examined for the presence of neoplasms.

    Currently, digital imaging techniques are increasingly used in radiography. In this regard, the following positive points can be noted: the radiation load on the patient is reduced, the resulting image can be immediately viewed on the monitor screen, and later printed on a printer or transmitted over the network. From an economic point of view, the use of digital methods allows you to reduce the cost of the survey process (film and materials are not required for its manifestation).

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