• What is fiction?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    February 27, 2015
    What is fiction?

    In French culture, literature occupies a significant place, and therefore many words related to literature come to us precisely from French. So the word "fiction", which for a long time characterized all fiction, has French roots. Consider in the article what fiction is and how the meaning of the word has changed.

    The literal translation of the word "fiction" could sound like "elegant literature." And in this case, fiction would define the whole sphere of fiction, including poetry and prose. But at the moment we are increasingly confronted with the fact that fiction is called popular culture as opposed to "high".

    This conflict arises in the times of V. Belinsky and D. Pisarev and still exists. True, the conflict has now shifted to the confrontation between fiction and journalism, and consists in the fact that fiction writers are reproached for lack of sociality and documentary, as well as passion for literature and artistry despite realism.

    In the growth of this conflict, a movement arises, which, in turn, begins to get involved in realism, comes after the majority, to some extent satisfying not the highest needs of people. And in this narrow sense, “light genres” of literature, such as detectives, novels, adventures, and others, in which the author’s position is often lost, are considered fiction.

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