• What is duty free?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    January 27, 2015
    What is duty free?

    In all major airports you can see shops with a sign "Duty free shop", which translated from English means "shop of free trade" or simply "duty free". What it is?

    Duty free shops are duty free shops, that is, all goods in them are not subject to taxes and duties. It turns out that shopping at such stores is much more profitable.

    The first duty free shop appeared in Ireland in 1947, when employees of one of the local airports noticed a curious fact. Passengers from the United States doing the transfer are formally located not on the territory of Ireland, but on a "neutral territory" that does not belong to any country. However, passengers often spend a lot of time there and are ready to shop. Then came the first shop, not subject to any taxes. Since then, the duty free appeared around the world. The duty-free shopping service is provided by many companies, but Ireland still holds the lead.

    Duty free are most often located at airports and major bus stations.At airports, they are in the departure area, but it happens that the store is located even outside the airport, but on its territory. Duty free is in the aircraft. Prices in them are even lower, because there are no costs for renting premises and hiring employees. However, due to the specifics of the flight, some goods there simply cannot be sold. The main goods in the duty free shop are alcohol, cigarettes, perfumes and cosmetics, watches, souvenirs, electronics, jewelry and even confectionery.

    Many Europeans, realizing that such duty free, specifically prefer to travel by plane to make purchases at lower prices. The best bargains can be made in the duty free of the countries of the Far and Near East: the benefit from purchases made there reaches 50%. For some products there is even a limit - no more than ten pieces in one hand.

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