• What is development?

    Roman Andreev
    Roman Andreev
    June 13, 2014
    What is development?

    The word "development" in Russian is used in several senses at once. According to the classical definition, development is the process of improving the objects of the material and spiritual world. Most often, development consists in complication, in greater adaptability to external conditions, in quantitative and qualitative growth of indicators.

    It is best to understand what development is by using specific examples.

    • So, human development can be divided into physical and spiritual. Physical development helps sports, and the spiritual - self-education.
    • To understand what is the development of science, it is enough to remember how the idea of ​​the world order has changed, starting with a flat Earth on three elephants and ending with modern attempts to find out the basics of the universe.
    • Another excellent example of development is evolution - the process of development of living organisms.

    There is another meaning of the word "development" - a continuation of something. For example, you can develop a conversation or cooperation.

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