• What is consolidation?

    May 14, 2015
    What is consolidation?

    The word "consolidation" is often used in modern life. Usually it means the union or strengthening of something. Consider what consolidation is and how this term can be applied.

    Meaning of the word

    Consolidation is:

    • according to the Encyclopedic Dictionary - strengthening, strengthening or unification of individuals, groups or organizations that have common goals;
    • According to the business dictionary, this is a credit transaction related to the conversion of short-term debt obligations into more long-term ones. Consolidation is also a combination of financial resources of individual companies. This word is sometimes called the method used in preparing a balance sheet as an accountant;
    • according to the financial dictionary - it is the stabilization of the exchange rate necessary after it rises or falls.

    Word use

    The word "consolidation" is used in the following terms:

    • Pulmonary consolidation, which is a compaction of the lung tissue;
    • fracture consolidation is a phenomenon that is the union of bones;
    • cargo consolidation - grouping of material values ​​provided by several suppliers for shipment by one transport. Such a scheme can reduce costs;
    • sample consolidation - changing the shape of the material due to the application of force;
    • Disk space consolidation is another name for defragmentation.

    Now you know what consolidation is, and you can apply any meaning to a given word in the conversation process.

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