• What is a bike?

    December 22, 2014
    What is a bike?

    Bike is a polysemous term that can be used in various situations. What is a bike in each case can be determined by context.

    Meaning of the word "bike"

    • In the literature, the word "bike" refers to the genre of the work. He is instructive or humorous. In such a work, the plot can be based on real events. In modern language, one can often hear the expression “baiting the baiting”. It means “telling funny stories, embellishing real events, etc.”;
    • The equally popular meaning of the term “bike” is a type of fabric. She is soft, a little fleecy. It can be made of cotton, wool or wool blend material. Quite often, the word in this sense is used in the phrase "thing on the bike," that is, clothing has a soft, pleasant lining;
    • Also, the word “bike” can in itself mean a warm blouse or “sweatshirt”.

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