• What is better plasma or LED?

    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    November 30, 2012
    What is better plasma or LED?

    As you understand, this is a feature article where we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of modern TVs. This is a pressing issue, and it is especially important if you decide to change your old TV and have no idea what to choose as a replacement. We have already figured out how the plasma differs from the f / c, and in this article we will discuss what is still better: plasma or LED.

    Characteristics of the plasma panel

    Plasma panel, perhaps, is a memory of the past. Of course, plasma TVs are in the range, but black and white phones can also be found on the market.

    Firstly, the plasma does not meet all modern characteristics, offering a more dull picture. Yes, the viewing angles are at a height, but what is this plus worth? Plasma panel has more weight than LED TV, and the service life of such equipment is much less. It is impossible to forget about everything else that the plasma is very fond of electricity, going to the level of the microwave oven in terms of energy consumption.

    Today, plasma panels are used in stadiums, squares and large public scenes. Perhaps this is the crown for such screens, where they have not lost their relevance. We approach the question of whether a plasma or an LED is better.

    LED characteristic

    If you keep a global argument on television topics, then it is worth considering the TV standard LED. Most people today have made a choice in favor of this TV, but the question remains the same: “Why?”.

    So what are the benefits of LED?

    • The main illumination is carried out directly from the matrix, which is particularly noticeable in comparison with the "plasma", where the picture is formed on the model of individual lamps.
    • The immediate thickness of the TV panel LED is smaller, which adds aesthetic beauty to the contours of the room.
    • Power consumption, as well as the weight of the structure is significantly lower for LED TVs.
    • At the moment, "plasma" wins in the price, but in fact the production of LED TVs is becoming cheaper, and this trend is evident in recent years. In the next few years, the pricing policy will change dramatically.

    Listening to different opinions about what is better: plasma or LED, we ourselves create problems for ourselves. Some people listen to the biased opinion of a consultant in a store, while others succumb to a deceptive article in a daily publication. That is why we once again put a clear line on this eternal question.

    In the dispute "plasma, LCD, LED - which is better" defeated objective human opinion. That is, you can choose your version based on personal theory and your own truth. However, if you look at the facts, LED TV is the undisputed winner in today's battle. This is a development that just replaced the previous models of television constructions.

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