• What is an injection?

    Ksenia Gaynulina
    Ksenia Gaynulina
    March 25, 2015
    What is an injection?

    An injection is a method of introducing a special solution into the body, using a syringe and needle, which can be used to achieve a quick healing effect. It is used when it is necessary to calculate the exact dosage of the drug and in the absence of a similar agent that can be taken orally - through the gastrointestinal tract.
    There are several types of injections, which we will briefly discuss in this article.

    Types of injections

    So, there are several types of injections, the most common ones are described below.

    Intramuscular injection

    Intramuscular injections are made in those places where there is the largest muscular layer of tissue, and there are no large vessels and nerve trunks.
    Most often, such injections are placed in the muscles of the buttocks or thighs.

    Subcutaneous injection

    Subcutaneous injection is made by very thin needles, which are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer, so the medicine enters the bloodstream immediately. For example, injected subcutaneouslyinsulin. The most common places for subcutaneous injection are the outer surface of the shoulder; the pre-lobe part and the lower part of the underarm area.

    Intravenous injection

    The most suitable place for intravenous injection is the vein of the cubital cavity, hands, sometimes the veins of the lower extremities. In general, such an injection can be introduced into almost any vein of the human body.

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