• What is a tachograph?

    February 5, 2015
    What is a tachograph?

    In Europe, during the period of active development of freight traffic, the owners of auto enterprises wanted to somehow control the work of their hired drivers, who have been outside the territory of the main company for a long time. Thanks to this, tachographs were invented. Let's talk more about what a tachograph is and why it is needed.

    A tachograph is a special device designed to control the mode of work, speed, rest of drivers and other crew members. The tachograph records all this data.

    The first tachographs had to record the distance traveled and the speed in accordance with the real time, regardless of the driver. The basis of such devices was a clockwork, as the watch companies were engaged in the manufacture of the first tachographs.

    Over time, the principle of operation of tachographs was modernized, their design, their functions also changed. Now the main task of the tachograph is to ensure traffic safety on the roads, since the main causes of emergency situations are exceeding the permissible / maximum speed of movement, a tired state of the driver.The tachograph helps to observe the mode of work and rest of drivers, to monitor the speed of the vehicle.

    Tachograph data is considered objective, it is often used when necessary in court proceedings. So, for example, tachograph data can become the basis for imposing fines. The technical implementation of the tachograph is difficult, access to its system is limited, and data protection is also provided.

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