• What is the supplement?

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    What is the supplement?

    At school, everyone learns the Russian language, which is such a supplement that many students know. However, it happens that the school does not explain this topic very well, or the student simply misses it due to illness, and then cannot independently understand. But the question of addition is not so complicated, and we will now tell about it.

    An add-on is a minor element of a sentence that indicates that something is done on the subject.

    Types of add-ons

    Additions exist direct and indirect. What is a direct addition, and also what is an indirect addition, we will tell you now. Straight lines are additions in the accusative case without a preposition. All others are indirect. Examples of direct additions: giving flowers, reading a book, making repairs. Examples of indirect additions: thinking about the future, working in a factory, fanning himself with a fan. Here are examples of supplements that answer different case questions:

    R. n. - whom? what - we do not have (what?) salt

    D. p. - to whom? what - I give (to whom?) you a book

    V. p. - whom? what? - sees (what?) goal

    T. p. - by whom? than? - admire (by whom?) this man

    P. p.- about whom? about what? - told (about what?) about the journey.

    Supplement when parsing sentences is highlighted with a dotted line. Now, for a better understanding of what a supplement is, we give examples from the proposals.

    • On the street, the children played ball. - �into the ball� is an addition; played in what? - into the ball.
    • The young man sent his beloved rose. - here are two additions: "beloved" and "roses". �Beloved� is an addition in the instrumental case, �roses� is a direct addition in the accusative case.
    • Olga dreamed of great happiness.

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