• What is a stamp?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    March 7, 2015
    What is a stamp?

    In the economic market, each organization has its own characteristics. It is registered under a certain number, has its address, its staff, managers, emblem, logo and other distinctive features. In documents, this is expressed in the form of a seal, which shows some of these signs. And in order to put a seal a special device is used - a stamp. What is a stamp, and what other meanings does the word have, we consider in the article.

    Stamp definition

    A stamp is a tool designed to register any events by applying a coloring matter to various materials. Historically, the first stamps were known in ancient times. They were made of ceramics and had more aesthetic value. As we see, the economic, and more and more legal significance of stamps appeared later with the development of writing and trade. Now they are used not only by commercial enterprises, but also by various government agencies, for example, hospitals, libraries, government bodies for various purposes.Therefore, the forms of stamps can be different. But in their design and purpose, they are quite typical.

    Also, stamps are often called stamps themselves, that is, prints already received. In addition, for their typical character, stamps deserve a figurative meaning. And they are intended to designate a certain exemplary behavior often in a negative assessment, emphasizing the lack of originality, for example, “think stamps”.

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