• What is a shirt?

    Tatyana Lyho
    Tatyana Lyho
    March 18, 2013
    What is a shirt?

    This part of the wardrobe is impossible to pass by, since all people use it: young and old, men, women and children. Let's talk about the shirt, its accessories and types. Let's see what a shirt is using explanations of dictionaries.

    Shirt is

    When asked what a shirt is, dictionaries give a complete answer. These are clothes made from light or warm fabrics. It can be attributed to linen or outerwear.

    The etymology of this word is quite unusual. "Shirt" comes from the verb "chop". As for the use of a shirt and its types, it is: classical, fitted, free, night, strait, sports.

    Polo shirt

    People involved in sports know what a polo shirt is. This is a classic shirt designed for playing tennis, golf, as well as for relaxing. Its difference from other shirts is that it fastens with only two or three buttons. It has short sleeves with a cuff and a turn-down collar. Moreover, the cuffs and collar are made of a viscous "elastic".

    Recently, this shirt fell in love with not only athletes. Cotton fabric "pique" explains its popularity, because it is not hot and cozy.

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