• What is a rating?

    Vera Melnikova
    Vera Melnikova
    December 19, 2014
    What is a rating?

    There are many foreign words in Russian. One of these is the word "rating". What is a rating, what is the meaning of this word? Understand this.

    “Rating” is a word of English origin, in translation - “assessment, position”. This is the degree of popularity, fame of someone or something in society for a given period of time.

    For example:

    1. The rating of a candidate for deputies drops catastrophically in recent days.
    2. Company rating is very high.
    3. The rating of our team of athletes increases significantly.

    The word "rating" is used in all spheres of public life:

    • economic (rating of bonds, stocks);
    • political (rating of the party, the leader of the movement);
    • social (rating of a university);
    • spiritual (rating TV shows, print).

    How is rating determined?

    • by a sociological survey;
    • during the voting;
    • as a result of the examination;
    • in a survey of experts.

    Rating is constantly changing, as conditions, conditions in a particular area, tastes, preferences of people change.Therefore, maintaining a rating at a high level is one of the main tasks of both individuals and firms, companies, corporations.

    How to increase the rating?

    1. Take into account the tastes, preferences of people, to study their opinions, needs.
    2. To keep abreast of the latest innovations and technologies, to keep up with the times.
    3. Well-versed in the social and political situation in the country, to know what people want, what they expect from the governing bodies.

    Of course, ways to increase the rating depend on the area in which the person or company works. But there is one general rule: always be well aware of changes in this area, be aware of the new, progressive, not stand still, go only forward, improving, changing.

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