• What is a position?

    May 18, 2015
    What is a position?

    The word position comes from the Latin positio - position, placement. This word came to the Russian language through German or French. Let us consider in more detail what a position is, we give examples.

    Word meanings

    Position is:

    • Placing, staging, positioning something, for example, figures in chess, checkers, enemy troops on the battlefield, placing players on the playing field.
    • Attitude to something, its own point of view on a particular issue, assessment of events, personal attitude to what happened, principles.
    • The term in choreography, defining the position of arms and legs in dance, ballet, ensuring the necessary and correct performance of the required Pa, for example, first position, third position, etc.
    • Body position, posture, for example, in sports, dancing, music, sex, such as the position of the fingers on the neck of a guitar, etc.
    • Line or status in various ratings and lists, for example, in the foreign exchange market, stock exchange transactions.

    Synonyms for the word position are: view, outlook, location, location, opinion, attitude, posture, position, judgment, figure, posture.

    Examples of using words in speech

    The word position is used throughout the various areas of our life: medicine, music, commerce, military, sports, ballet, psychology, law. It has a huge range and versatility of interpretations. Here are some examples:

    • advantageous position of artillery troops;
    • winning position on a chessboard;
    • increase the position of the ruble;
    • correct performance of the fifth position in the dance;
    • sustainable life position;
    • good starting position of the entrepreneur;
    • principled position.

    Knowing and understanding the word position, you can easily use it in various fields and fields.

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