• What is a network card?

    Alena Anisimova
    Alena Anisimova
    February 18, 2013
    What is a network card?

    So what is a network card? A network card is part of the hardware configuration of a computer. This device allows us to connect a computer to the network and provides interaction with it. Network cards are often called network interface cards, network adapters, or LAN adapters.

    Network cards were initially an additional component that could be purchased and installed on a computer not immediately, but after some time. However, today it has become obvious that network cards are a standard component of a computer, which is installed in most sold laptops and computers.

    Often, they are integrated into motherboards or other devices during the manufacturing process. If the card is installed in a computer system, then it finds itself when connected to the network with small flickering LEDs, which are located at the network connector.

    Network Card Identification

    Any network card must be unique, so they are equipped with an address, which is abbreviated as MAC. With it, you can identify any computer that transmits data through the network.

    What is a wireless network card

    Nowadays, using network cards, you can connect computers using a cable (physical) connection, or even do without it, using the so-called wireless interface. Using a cable connection, one usually chooses a standard network port that has an “RJ-45” format connector. Wireless connection to the network does not require the use of various physical ports and interfaces.

    The principle of operation of the wireless card is quite simple. A wireless modem is responsible for receiving and transmitting data from the Internet. The data from your provider will go to the external port (cable input) of the wireless router, after which they will be converted into a radio signal that will be transmitted via the antenna. If the wireless network cards are in the field of operation of the transmitter of the router, then they will receive a signal, and then convert it into an electronic, computer-friendly signal.

    In any case, except that the wireless network card does not require physical contact with it, its configuration is no different from the usual one. Both wireless and wired cards now allow you to develop almost the same data transfer rate.

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