• What is a mask?

    December 19, 2014
    What is a mask?

    The word "mask", often used in everyday speech, has several interpretations. Common is the value associated with the imposition of something on the face. Let us consider in more detail what a mask is.

    Mask in art and culture

    A mask is an eyelet pad that is worn on the face during a holiday, festival, carnival or theater performance. The mask may be an image of the face of a person, an animal muzzle or some mythical creature. In ancient tragedy, masks were widely used to give an actor an appropriate expression (smiling and weeping masks are still a symbol of theatrical art). Masquerades used bandages on the upper part of the face. A person in such a patch is also called a mask (“You are a smart mask, and you spend a lot of words!” M. Yu. Lermontov).

    There are ritual masks that people wear at various ceremonies. The cast or sculpted image of the face is also called a mask.

    Functional masks

    Such masks have not a camouflage purpose, but a protective one.They are also worn on the face in order to protect themselves from any ill effects. For example, medical mask, hockey, electric welder mask. Another type of masks, on the contrary, provides for the ingestion of any substance (oxygen mask, diving mask).


    A cream or nourishing cosmetic composition applied to the face (as well as hair) is also called a mask (borage mask, nourishing mask for hair).

    Mask in a figurative sense

    Also, the mask refers to such human qualities as secrecy, pretense, and hypocrisy. If a person exposed himself and showed his real feelings, they say that he took off his mask. ("A gentle and vulnerable child was hidden under the mask of a predatory woman").

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