• What is a heating system?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    February 26, 2013
    What is a heating system?

    Heating the home during the cold season is a long-standing tradition of modernity. And if it is not necessary for residents of hot countries to know what a heating system is, then this cannot be said about us, who know firsthand about the harsh Russian winters. The heating system is called a set of devices whose task is to heat the premises in the cold season by compensating for heat losses.

    The most common and familiar to us heating system consists of a boiler, piping and radiators. Water is used as a heat carrier. Since water tends to expand when heated, such systems are equipped with an expansion tank.

    Types of heating systems

    Many have heard, but not everyone knows what an open heating system is. In such a system, the volume of the expansion tank communicates with the atmosphere, which leads to accelerated corrosion of the metal elements of the system due to air dissolved in water, as well as to the formation of air plugs.A striking example of such a heating system is the communal central heat supply for homes.

    Similarly, it is explained that such a closed heating system, in which a membrane expansion tank is used, is excluded and the air intake by the heat carrier is excluded.

    What fill the system

    In addition to water, steam may be used as a heat carrier. Steam heating is effective, but since steam is a rather aggressive environment, such systems are less durable. Air heating does not require the installation of pipelines and radiators and can be combined with ventilation systems. Most often used in public and industrial buildings. There are various types of heating systems that convert electrical energy into heat.

    The choice of any of the above heating systems is based on a preliminary calculation of the cost of equipment, taking into account the cost of its installation, as well as the cost of maintenance during subsequent operation.

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