• What is a dome?

    Elena Melnichenko
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    What is a dome?

    The word "dome" comes from the Italian cupola or Latin cupula, which means "dome", "arch" or "barrel". And what is a dome?

    Initially, this word was called an architectural structure, which in form resembled a hemisphere, an overturned bowl. Dome roofs are constructed in temples and cathedrals. For example, the famous temple on Red Square - St. Basil's Cathedral - has eleven domes.

    Today you can find the dome in the design of a parachute. During the jump, a round, cone-shaped part of it is opened, which is called the dome.

    Also, the dome is called the upper part of the building where circus performances are held (�The gymnasts performed under the circus dome�) or the opening part of the umbrella.

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