• What is a dictionary?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    January 15, 2013
    What is a dictionary?

    Even 15-20 years ago, dictionaries were the only source of reference information. These were dictionaries on paper. Now they also exist, but the main population of the earth has moved to work with electronic dictionaries. There are a lot of names of electronic dictionaries, but we take them for an encyclopedia, reference book, search engine, but at the heart of all these magnificent resources lies the good old dictionary. So, let us consider in detail what a dictionary is and what benefits it brings to society.

    Definition and types of dictionaries

    A dictionary is a book in which words are collected on a certain basis. The most common and well-known dictionary - spelling. It shows the correct spelling of words in alphabetical order for faster finding. There is a dictionary of synonyms in which several synonyms are chosen for each word. There is a dictionary of phraseological units, that is, stable speech turns. These include proverbs, sayings. The vocabulary of accentuations, which radio and television announcers use very actively, is useful for Russian people.It has sections of simple words, and there are complex names of settlements, names, foreign words, which are used in Russian spoken language.

    What the word "dictionary" means can be understood by the example of foreign dictionaries. They are necessary for learning languages, the principle of construction in them is the same: Russian words in alphabetical order and their translation.

    Large dictionaries

    Dictionaries, like atlases, are large and small. The difference in the size of the book and the number of words. But there are dictionaries that can hardly be called otherwise. For example, an explanatory dictionary. In it, each word has a description and interpretation, examples of its use in speech, the history of the concept and a lot of background information. The size of the explanatory article in the dictionary - no more than two or three small paragraphs. If they become even more, then this is an encyclopedia. And the dictionary contains the most basic features of all the words that you find in a regular dictionary. That's what the dictionary is. The most famous of the explanatory - dictionary Ozhegova and Dahl. These scientists did not just create a dictionary book, they collected information bit by bit from all sources available in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Dahl Dictionary

    One of the most valuable, deep and large in scope - this is the dictionary of Dahl. It is sad that the school does not study in detail what the Dahl dictionary is. But 100 years ago it was the reference book of any educated person. Its full name “Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language”, it reflects not only words, it is a large collection of Russian customs, traditions, interpretations that tell about the Russian life of that time.

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