• What is a combination?

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    What is a combination?

    The term "combination" has many meanings. We will tell you what a combination is and how best to use this word.

    What does the word combination mean

    In its most common meaning, a combination means the combination of various elements combined into one object. For example, it is a combination of letters in a word.

    Also called a combination of a certain set of actions that are taken by a person to achieve any goal. Moreover, such actions can be both obvious and direct, and not so.

    In the section of mathematics - combinatorics, a combination is a set of elements that are selected from a particular given set.

    The term "combination" is very common among chess players. For them, a combination is a move, as a result of which a chess player sacrifices a piece for a successful outcome. Most often in chess combinations they sacrifice insignificant pieces such as a pawn.

    Women under the combination most often mean a type of underwear type shirts, but more tight and seductive.Unlike a shirt, the combination always has thin straps, and it is much longer in length.

    There are other narrower meanings of the word "combination." For example, the Soviet and Russian group, which was popular in the 80-90s, was so called. Thus, using the term "combination", do not forget to clarify what meaning you mean.

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