• What if I'm a fool?

    Russian proverb says: a fool does not know that he is a fool. If a girl asks a question what to do, if I'm a fool, then she is at least not a stupid person. And at most, smarter than those who surround her. She sees her problem, wants to deal with it and understand how to solve it. This is a very reasonable approach. People are tormented by questions of this nature all the time. For example, the guy is dating a girl, but the question in my head is spinning: my girlfriend is a fool, what should I do? Or the husband asks: what to do if the wife is a fool. We will try to deal with these issues.

    So why does a girl think she is a fool? Who can instill a complex of "fools" sane girl?

    1. Authoritative group of people in the classroom of the school, the group of the institute, in the yard, at work. The opinion of this group is crucial for you. If the group has decided that you are a fool, this is serious. But only if you have a psychological dependence on this group.
    2. Close girlfriend. She knows all your secrets. He knows how to manipulate you. He knows how to file himself. In its background, you turn into a gray, silly mouse.Naturally, this happens only in your eyes.
    3. Close friend. From the category of Don Juan / Alfonso / Narcissus. To such a Queen of Sheba, give me a couple, she will still find something to cling to. They are always and always to blame the girl. Why? Correctly. Because she is a fool.
    4. A family. No matter how sad it is to say. Parents, confess how often you say to your child: “What are you, an idiot / idiot? You can not understand / learn / write such a little? In whom only was he born / was he born? In our family there are no such stupid ones! ”The child’s arms do not grow from there, then the legs shork.
    5. The girl herself. Due to catastrophically low self-esteem.

    How to solve this problem? You must first read, then understand, then start applying these rules here:

    1. The boomerang rule: to us, from those around us, only what we ourselves feel about ourselves returns. If you realize yourself a fool, then inevitably broadcast it to others. People take your signal. Signal dislike and disrespect for itself and return it to you. Why should they treat you better than you? It's simple. No matter how erased it sounds. But! If you do not start loving and respecting yourself, you run the risk of being "fools" for a long time.There are a million reasons for self-love. Do not doubt!
    2. Rule trolley: the majority of people around us - our fellow travelers in this life. And nothing else. Today you are traveling with them, and tomorrow with others. Responding to everyone is not enough health! Therefore, what they say about you is the fact of their biography, not yours! Their words have nothing to do with you. Develop a healthy "pofigizm." It will save you from many stresses.
    3. The golden rule of normal relations. Especially with close people. Here it is: the point is not in man, but in our reaction to him. It is not necessary to injure yourself and your loved ones by the fact that one of them did not live up to your expectations. They were not born for that, right?

    If you have any questions, look for other sources of answers to the topic, why I am such a fool. Read, understand and everything will work out for you!

    There are many similar questions on the Internet. Let's try to briefly highlight them:

    1. What if the wife / girl is a fool? If a person asks, it means not so foolish as to run where they are looking. Apply rule number three. And note that many people ask the question: what to do if the husband / boyfriend is a fool? And what if this interest shows your wife / girl?
    2. What to do if a friend is a fool? Your girlfriend urgently needs to change his girlfriend. Meaning catch?
    3. What if sister is a fool? Take a look at yourself. You have the same gene pool. If she is a fool, then you fool enough.
    4. Mom - a fool, what to do? To offend an elderly person or be offended by him is not to respect yourself. Definitely.

    It is assumed that people who ask what to do with the fools who defeated them consider themselves developed and intelligent. How does a smart person behave with a stupid one? Friendly and condescending. Because an intelligent person will never allow himself to go down to the level of a fool. To summarize

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