• What hurts left?

    To know how to recover from pain, you need to understand where it hurts, how it hurts and what it hurts. Very often, people complain to doctors that they hurt on the left: either the stomach, or the ribs, and the pain is completely different.

    If the pain is very strong and it is to the left, then it is necessary to understand which part of the body exactly hurts, lumbar, back, chest, stomach, etc. It is also advisable to determine what type of pain. It can be aching, compressive, dagger, bursting, sharp. Any doctor you call will ask you to answer certain questions. First of all, you will be asked about when and how the pain appeared on the left: after exercise, nervous stress, suddenly or as a consequence of illness. You will also have to say how much time has passed since the pain started and whether the nature of the pain changed until the arrival of the doctors. You should also feel if the pain gives to the left somewhere else.

    Sore belly above left

    In the left upper abdomen there are certain organs that can certainly be affected and cause pain. To determine what hurts you, you need to know that on the left above are the stomach, spleen, pancreas, diaphragm and parts of the intestine.In some diseases, the spleen increases, because of this, it begins to hurt. In addition, it can break, and then the pain will be on the left even more, in addition, the skin around the navel will turn blue. If your intestines suffer, then in addition to the pain in the left side of the abdomen, you will suffer from constipation or diarrhea, low temperature and bleeding when going to the toilet.

    Another stomach can be the organ that hurts on the left, if something irritates his mucous membrane. The reason may be the adoption of alcohol, potent antibiotics, too fatty and spicy foods. At the same time, the pain is rather weak, but aching and not passing. Often there is vomiting and constant nausea. A hernia can also hurt, and then the pain will give to the chest. Only an experienced doctor can state a hernia, therefore it is best to immediately call a doctor or go to the hospital for severe pain of unknown origin in the stomach.

    The pancreas can also hurt on the left. At the same time the temperature rises, the pain does not go away even when taking antibiotics, and vomiting is also found. Especially often, pain in the pancreas is found in people who suffer from diabetes, smoke a lot, drink and just lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Hurts stomach lower left

    Lower abdominal pain is quite common in both men and women. First of all, pain can cause inflammation, irritation, infection in the intestines (colitis, ulcers, diarrhea due to parasites), squeezing of nerves. If a stone creeps from the kidneys to the bladder, it can also cause severe and sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the left side. If a woman has such a pain in the lower left that she cannot stand normally, such sharp and severe pain can be caused by a rupture in ectopic pregnancy. This is the worst scenario, so you need, first of all, to think about it and check this assumption for other symptoms.

    If the left lower abdomen begins to hurt a woman during menstruation, then perhaps she has endometriosis. Very often there are diseases such as “nervous stomach”. These are the pains that a person has with emotional stress, depression, terrible news, because of which the nervous system fails and starts sending wrong signals to the brain. To get rid of such pains, it is enough to drink a sedative or to remove the emotional factor that adversely affects your nervous system.

    Pain in the left chest

    Very often, people complain to doctors about sudden attacks of pain under the ribs. Most immediately start to be afraid of heart attacks, strokes and other terrible heart diseases, although, in fact, everything is usually much more prosaic, especially if it hurts to the bottom left, which is quite common for our not quite healthy nation.

    As a rule, the kidneys may hurt under the ribs. The reasons for this can be very different - from stones in the urinary tract to clogged channels. Usually this pain begins on the left side of the back, and then it flows under the ribs, while the pain is strong and sharp. In addition, pain may indicate damage to the ribs.

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