• What is it: sport?

    Olga Bespalova
    Olga Bespalova
    February 3, 2015
    What is it: sport?

    Sport is a physical and intellectual activity aimed at improving your body, strengthening health and strength of mind. In the Sport section you can familiarize yourself with questions and answers from users, and also ask your own question that interests you.

    Kinds of sports

    To understand what sports exist now can be very difficult. After all, sports disciplines are different - game (they include individual and team), power, combat, extreme and cyclic. Perhaps the most popular of them are playing sports disciplines - this is football, and hockey, and volleyball, and many other sports presented at the Olympic Games. Read about the benefits of such competitions, you can in the article Why you need a sport.

    Combat sports - boxing (including Thai) and kickboxing - are equally spectacular and impressive. Some of the most popular cyclical sports are biathlon and cross-country skiing. Strength sports are exercises aimed at developing strength and endurance: lifting weights, working with weight.And extreme sports stimulate the increased production of adrenaline and are often associated with a threat to life: it is mountaineering, skydiving, parkour and much more.

    The benefits of sports

    In fact, to understand what he is - a sport, you can only start them to engage. Sports require regular effort and considerable willpower, but definitely worth it. After all, sport allows you to get rid of excess weight, become stronger and stronger, improve health and even prolong life.

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