• What hairstyle is suitable?

    Do you want to radically update your image with the arrival of spring - to make a new fashionable haircut, change hair color, but remain indecisive and think about everything: What hairstyle will suit me ?? The choice is not so difficult to make, the main thing is to approach this matter wisely. Hairstyle is an integral part of the image of any woman, so you should choose it carefully, taking into account your age, taste preferences in clothing, thickness and structure of hair. However, first of all, when choosing a suitable hairstyle, you should focus on the shape of the face. Stylists have developed a whole theory about what type of face which hairstyle will do. How to find out your type of face and choose the right hairstyle, we will be happy to tell you now.

    What hairstyles fit triangular face

    The triangular face is distinguished by a small narrow, slightly extended, chin and wide broad forehead. With this type of face should not do short haircuts with a lush high crown, as well as hairstyles with short straight bangs.

    Optimal for owners of this type of face would be hairstyles of medium length hair with long straight or oblique bangs.It is desirable to leave the top of the hairstyle smooth, and the lower parts of the strands can be curled into large curls and fluffed.

    What hairstyle will suit a round face

    Women with a round face should avoid curvaceous volumetric hairstyles with a rounded shape - they will only emphasize wide cheekbones and make the flaws of a round face more noticeable. It is also not necessary to choose a hairstyle without a bang and comb the hair back, completely opening the face. However, a massive thick bangs, dropping to the bridge of the nose, is also not suitable for this type of person. It is not recommended for owners of a round face to get involved in curling hair - small curls visually make wider and without that wide cheekbones.

    Chubby women need to choose hairstyles that visually lengthen their face and bring it closer to the oval shape. Good will look the hair of medium length in a bun at the top of the head and “ragged”, thinned bangs with thinning scissors, in which the side strands are longer than the central ones. Fit round face and haircuts with smooth hair at the temples and raised at the crown. The best option for a person of this type is a hairless part, as a last resort, an asymmetric side part.

    What hairstyle will suit an oval face

    Happy owners of an oval face can afford almost any favorite hairstyle. A face with classic proportions will look equally good with both long and short hair. For this type of face, not only any length and shape of bangs is suitable, but also hair combed into a straight parting and opening the forehead. Good for an oval face and all kinds of curls and curls, stabbed behind or loose on the shoulders. Oval face - this is the case when the choice of hairstyle is limited only by the age and structure of the hair.

    What hairstyles fit square face

    The square face has a massive lower jaw and a broad forehead. Stylists do not recommend combing the hair with a straight parting in this face shape. Also undesirable and thick long bangs, which only emphasize the massiveness of the chin and the severity of the cheekbones. Do not suit the owners of a square face and straight, smoothly laid hair.

    With such a type of face, a high side parting and asymmetrical fluffy bangs will look good, but it is better to style your hair with bulk waves or large curls.

    What hairstyle is suitable for an elongated face

    For an elongated face, a long chin, narrow cheekbones and a high forehead are characteristic, therefore all hairstyles that visually lengthen a face are simply unacceptable for him. Long straight hair, especially combed on a parted part or combed behind the ears, is not suitable for such women.

    Visually shorten and expand such a face will help long, reaching to the eyebrows, thick bangs and large volumetric curls that cover the ears. A “Kare” haircut, ending just below the earlobes, will come up to such a face. In this case, the ends of the strands should be curled and, with the help of a hair dryer, fluff and wrap up.

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