• What color of hair will suit blue eyes?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    August 16, 2011
    What color of hair will suit blue eyes?

    In our country, blue eyes, perhaps, are most common. But their shades are so multifaceted that it is difficult to name the most suitable color, combined with blue eyes. Whatever the shade of your eyes, whether it is gray-blue, transparent blue or true blue, we will try to choose a hair color that will favorably emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

    Hair color for blue eyes

    What color of hair will suit blue eyes? If we consider blue eyes, regardless of their individual shade, they are well combined with blond hair:

    • golden hair color
    • ashy hair color
    • red hair color
    • honey hair color

    But this choice of hair color for blue-eyed does not stop. An interesting combination will be blue eyes with hair of mahogany color (bright and not dark shade). Specialists in the field of beauty do not recommend girls with blue eyes to wear a hot brunette.

    Hair color for light blue eyes

    • Light blue eyes, almost transparent, will not tolerate bright dark shades of hair. It will look very inharmonious, artificial.
    • For such a shade of blue eyes is ideal light-blond, but always ashy shade of hair without yellowness and redhead.
    • Ash blonde is also a great option.
    • Do not use catchy hair colors.

    Hair color for true blue eyes

    • So, what hair color will suit me, if the color of my eyes can be called blue and only, that is, there is no outflow of other tones? In this case, it is recommended to dye your hair also in light shades, but here you can already experiment.
    • If your skin is a warm shade (with golden or bronze tan), then choose a golden walnut or golden chestnut. As a hair color, you can also calmly get dyes with sunny honey shades. Redhead freckled blue-eyed - what could be more playful and more beautiful than this image!
    • If the skin of a blue-eyed girl is of a cold type (very fair skin), then the hair color should be cold. Choose paints marked ashy.Wheat hair color will also be well combined with the eyes and the skin type of the girl. And only girls of this type of skin can choose a dark hair color in combination with blue eyes - a shade of paint "black tulip". But it is better to make the first attempt, using the tint tool, so as not to regret and not expose the hair to unnecessary effects of chemicals.

    Hair color for gray-blue eyes

    • Such an eye color is most difficult to solve, because it changes from everything: from sunlight, from the sky, and even from clothes. You can talk endlessly about the hair color for such chameleon eyes, because much suits them! We take into account the nuances.
    • Let the red hair color not be too bright so as not to overshadow the eye color.
    • All shades of light-colored hair will fit unconditionally.
    • If you like ashy colors, then in no case do not allow artificiality, let it be a natural shade.

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