• What furniture is suitable for a small apartment?

    Small apartment is a cozy space for living. Despite its small size, it can be very comfortable and pleasant, which largely depends on the repair, design and choice of furniture. If you want to upgrade your apartment or settle in a new after repair, these recommendations may be useful for you. Let's talk about what furniture is preferable for small-sized.

    Basic requirements for furniture for a small apartment

    • Suitable size and thoughtful design. In a small space, you need to save space, so each piece of furniture must have a suitable size and design. A small amount of furniture should be combined in style, creating a single harmonious space.
    • Functionality and spaciousness. Despite its size and shape, the furniture should be roomy. Additional functionality is welcomed: folding table, transforming chair, sliding details, etc.- This will save space, and if necessary, increase the volume of furniture or turn one piece of furniture into another.
    • No extra details. It is associated with a small space, and with a harmonious design of the entire apartment.

    What can be purchased?

    Kitchen set to order

    Kitchens in apartments have different footage, you also need to take into account the preferences of the owners. Someone, for example, needs a large set of furniture, and someone wants to limit to a minimum of items and leave more free space. Therefore it is recommended to order a kitchen set: the masters will take into account the footage, the wishes of the owners, will create a suitable set of the desired length, width and depth.


    A wardrobe in a large room or in the hallway is a classic of many Russian apartments, and this is an excellent choice. It looks great, does not take up much space, is comfortably positioned along a wall, very roomy, suitable for different things. In addition, a mirror can be placed on the doors of such a cabinet, which conveniently and visually increases the space. Like a kitchen set, you can choose a wardrobe to order.

    Folding and sliding furniture

    The sofa book at night will turn into a comfortable wide bed, and in the afternoon will become an excellent place for rest. Folding chairs perfectly perform a similar function, which is important if you, for example, stay guests for the night.

    Folding wooden and plastic furniture is a stronghold of minimalism, functionality and convenience. These include folding and sliding tables, boards, chairs. If you have little space, or you like to have plenty of air and light at home without cluttering up, choose such furniture. They started a home-made feast: they laid out a table and chairs, and then they removed it.

    Bunk bed

    It is relevant for a small nursery, where two young children live. The bed will be perfectly organized. In addition, this bed looks interesting and many people like it.

    Suspended shelves and cabinets

    Use furniture that is not in contact with the floor, such as sturdy hanging shelves or small cabinets. So you can save space and create an area for home cooking utensils, a mini library or souvenirs.

    Lightweight portable furniture

    Due to the fact that many furniture is folded and unfolded, for the apartment is better to choose the light and necessary items.This may be a coffee table, stools, small cabinets. If necessary, they will be easy to push, and then just as easily back into place. Lightness and ergonomics are useful qualities for furniture in a small dwelling.

    Bunk bed

    It is relevant for a small nursery, where two young children live. The bed will be perfectly organized. In addition, this bed looks interesting and many people like it.

    Use of niches and storerooms

    If the apartment has pantries, niches, mezzanines, they can skillfully beat and arrange additional space in the form of shelves, cabinets, etc. You can also use the balcony: many have already turned this small place into a mini-office, a platform for training or recreation . This is especially good if you have a wonderful view from the balcony.

    Interesting hand-made

    You can diversify the interior of your apartment with a personal, interesting and useful hand-made. For example, the idea of creating a mini-workshop from an old cabinet is popular. Extra shelves are removed from the cabinet, the hanging board is turned into a work surface, and shelves are located on the doors inside, where they hold the necessary things.When you need to work in the "workshop", the cabinet doors open, the lid turns into a hanging table - it remains only to move the chair and get down to business! And when the work is finished, you need to remove the board inside, and the doors just close.

    Thus, you can well, tastefully and functionally equip the space of a small apartment, and it will become your favorite nest!

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