• What foundation is cheaper

    On average, at least 30% of the total amount of expenses for the construction of a house is spent on the foundation. Not surprisingly, developers tend to save at this stage of construction, thereby significantly reducing its cost. There is a strong belief that the most inexpensive is a strip foundation. But this is not always true.
    Conditions at the construction site may cause the tape to be buried below the freezing point of the soil, and it may exceed 1.5-1.8 m. In such conditions it is much cheaper to build a columnar or columnar foundation with a grillage. Therefore, for each specific situation, you need to look for your own, the most inexpensive way to build a foundation for a house.
    The cheapest of them is an unusual, but viable modification - the foundation of Semykin. About him known for more than half a century. In the early 2000s, a St. Petersburg resident, Mikhail Semykin, received a Patent for his invention, which proved itself in practice only from the positive side.Since then, private traders who do not have enough money to build expensive concrete foundations have the opportunity to build budget housing without sacrificing its quality and comfort.
    For the device foundation Semykina requires actually waste material - car tires. Stacked one upon the other and filled with carefully compacted sand mixed with cement (or without it), they constitute a solid foundation that is resistant to ground movement. It has several indisputable advantages over concrete. First, the tires take on the forces of swelling, compensate them, being a shock absorber. Therefore, a house built on this basis will never warp, and no cracks will form in its walls.
    Secondly, tires, being a formwork for sand and stone embedded in them, do not allow them to move either horizontally or in height, as is the case with concrete slabs and ribbons during seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. Therefore, this foundation is much stronger and more durable.
    Thirdly, already in the second year under the influence of the weight of the building, what the tires are filled with is compressed and turns into a full-fledged stone.And automobile tires, due to their high elasticity, reliably keep it from cracking, regardless of the climatic zone in which the house is built and operated.

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