• What ends love?

    Love is present in the life of every person, without this feeling it is very difficult to live. But it just happens that after a certain time it disappears, as if it was not there. Behind him goes and the magic that was present in the relationship, a loved one becomes a stranger. But the couple often have children who need both parents, and a divorce in this case is the worst decision.

    However, everything can be fixed. If you know how love ends, you will be able to prevent it. Consider a few reasons why this happens.

    Why and how does love end?

    There are several key reasons why love disappears from relationships. If you take them into account, you will be able to maintain this wonderful feeling for many years.

    Lack of romance

    When the relationship begins to miss the romance, love often leaves. That is why you need to spend more time together, arrange each other romantic evenings. You can cook dinner by candlelight, sit in front of the fireplace and drink a bottle of good wine, dance.

    Meet your husband with an oriental dance, let him feel like a sultan. Men can be advised to please their soul mate with gifts, albeit small and inexpensive, but often. Such attention will be appreciated, the spouse will shine with happiness and be proud of his life partner. As a rule, most men give flowers and romantic gifts only during the courtship period. When relationships go to a new level and such signs of attention do not turn out, the woman feels unnecessary. As a result, he comes to the conclusion that love has passed, she no longer needs her man and is moving away.

    Treason and betrayal

    Love often passes, and sometimes gives way to hatred, when a loved one betrays or cheats. In this case, the world of a person collapses overnight, he feels humiliated, hurt and offended. At that moment the veil falls from his eyes, and he begins to see everything in a different light. As a result, move away from his partner, begins to revenge him, trying to hurt and hurt. Of course, here you need to put yourself in a frame and just do not start relationships all families. But not everyone can do it, so sooner or later you have to pay for your own mistakes.

    Third parties

    The love between two people can end, then when someone else gets into a relationship. It may not be a lover or a lover, but a mother, the father of a partner. It often happens that relatives interfere in a couple's relationship. Of course, in this case it is very difficult to distance oneself from the mother or father in order not to offend them. As a result, the person offends his partner, who soon gets tired of being on the sidelines, and he just breaks off the relationship. But everything could have been done differently and put their relatives in a certain framework.

    Quarrels and conflicts

    Love dies in a relationship where constant quarrels and conflicts reign. Of course, according to psychologists, a surge of emotions is beneficial, but when a couple lives under constant stress, it will soon break up. After all, love in this situation ceases to bring joy, alienation appears. It is this that leads to a rupture, after which comes relief, which is so lacking. Love is very difficult to find and easy to lose.

    Love at a distance

    Many people think that distance strengthens feelings, but in some cases it kills them on the contrary. After all, a person gets acquainted with new people with whom friendship and then romantic relationships can start. A loved one is not there, so it's easy to get carried away by others.Time and distance can erase the feelings, which will be replaced by new hobbies, and the former lover will seem like a stranger.

    Birth of a child

    Perhaps it looks strange, but often the birth of a child who was supposed to strengthen the relationship between the spouses, causes a cooling of feelings and the care of love. And this happens due to the fact that a third person appears in the life of the spouses. As a result, a woman in life appears completely different priorities, the man fades into the background, she gives him less attention. This happens day after day, alienation appears, and if it is not overcome and the new situation is not accepted, then the family cannot be saved. A man in this case should help the woman, bring up the child, spending more time together, and not blaming all the cares of the offspring. Only then will it be possible to understand that this is a tremendous work, requiring time and effort.

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