• What ended the "Black Lagoon"?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    August 6, 2012
    What ended the "Black Lagoon"?

    The mystical Spanish TV series “Black Lagoon”, which first appeared on television in 2007, conquered the whole world. Seven seasons of the series became so successful that, based on their motives, a computer game was created, and the idea of ​​the series was bought by French and Russian television companies. But not everyone had the opportunity to watch this series, and therefore the question arises, how did the black lagoon end, did the heroes find out the clues to all the secrets, and did they manage to escape?


    The main characters of the series, Marcos and Paula, end up in a closed elite boarding school “Black Lagoon” after the death of their parents. It so happened that the director of this school became their official guardian. There, the guys make friends and gradually begin to learn that the school keeps many secrets, even more terrible than they could imagine.

    It turns out that thirty years ago a group of Nazis conducted experiments on street children in the basement of this building, since the building had an orphanage.Then he bought it, built an elite school, but the children continued to disappear.

    For seven seasons, schoolchildren and teachers try to figure out what happens in their school, and when they succeed in it, they are captured in dungeons.


    Fortunately, the police and the military are involved. Police officer Alicia together with one of the teachers come up with a plan to escape from the dungeons with the help of a well. Everything is going well, the main characters are released, and the school explodes, burying in the basements all the results of the experiments and the villains themselves.

    Not without cost, of course, without sacrifice. This is how Fermin’s cook is killed, and the girl Elsa is killed by being infected with a virus. During all seven seasons, many of the heroes of the series perish, which gives him a certain taste of tragedy and supports a mystical beginning.

    To see how the Black Lagoon series ended, it’s better to watch all the episodes yourself. You can find them.

    Watch this series, which has not left anyone indifferent!

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