• What else was called 1000 rubles?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    March 18, 2015
    What else was called 1000 rubles?

    When dealing with big money, a person risks getting into criminal history, since there will always be hunters to profit from someone’s property. True, they will call the money in their own way, and each bill will have its own lexical jargon for use. Such names have different bills: the ruble, and 10, and 100, and 500. Thousands have their own variants of names.

    Consider further, as they call 1000 rubles:

    • Some of the names relate to the time when such a sum of money was commensurate with a bundle of bills or with a gold ingot. For example, "piece".
    • There are those whose origin is still ambiguously interpreted. Among them: roe deer, kosach, mower, kosuha, slanting.
    • A large reservoir of alternative names of 1000 rubles is derived from the word "thousand": tyrka, tyshak and others.
    • In addition, there are names that talk about the amount of money, because 1000 rubles once represented a large amount of money. For example: a thing, a ton, a little thing.

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