• What dreams of steam in a dream

    Dreamed a dream in which there was a ferry and now you are interested in learning the interpretation? We will help you with this.

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    Why dream of a ferry in a dream, dream book
    Why dream of a ferry in a dream, dream book

    Dream Dream Thelomena

    A ferry in a dream foreshadows an unexpected event. But the sinking ferry warns you that you should not rashly invest money anywhere. Crossing by ferry - adventure awaits you. Came to the shore on the ferry - expect a gift of fate in the form of money or promotion.

    Dream interpretation of the XXI century

    To dream of a steam that sinks with you - carefully watch your money and do not invest it in questionable enterprises.

    Dream Miller

    Floating on the ferry - to travel with dubious consequences.

    Dream Adaska

    Swimming on the ferry is a success in business, drowning with the ferry will cause financial losses.

    Gypsy dream book

    To dream of a ferry predicts that your opinion in the dispute can be decisive, while acting as a link.

    Modern dream book

    The ferry dreams of completing your business, and the sinking ferry hints that you need to take care of your money.

    Dream Grishin

    Ride on the ferry - quite unexpectedly for yourself you will achieve the desired.

    Sonny Sonan

    Swimming on the ferry from one bank to the other - get ready for difficult days in life. They wanted to use the ferry in a dream, but it broke down - a symbol of trouble in life. Floated on the ferry, and he sank - large cash costs. In general, to see a steam in a dream - to all sorts of difficulties.

    If in a dream you were waiting for a ferry for a very long time and it nevertheless came up, then your dreams will come true. But if the ferry is not approaching the shore turned around and sailed without you - this is sadness and disappointment. The ferry is festively decorated - a fun event will happen. The ferry with the dead is a very bad sign, foreshadowing a disease or major, protracted difficulties.

    Dream lewis

    Dreams associated with the ferry personify life changes, both good and bad.

    Dream Vanga

    If the ferry is a dream of a single girlfriend - she is expecting marriage, and if the ferry is long, you will have to go far away from your family with your husband. For everyone else, the ferry is a symbol of travel.

    Freund's Dream

    Through the image of the ferry out your complexes and shyness in love affairs.It should be more relaxed with a partner. The sinking ferry personifies the tarnished reputation acquired through frivolity. If you managed to grab hold of the rubber ring - your reputation can still be corrected. If you are on the ferry with your partner, everything is harmonious in your relationship and nothing foreshadows deterioration.

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