• What dreams of miscarriage?

    Elena Minkina
    Elena Minkina
    August 7, 2012
    What dreams of miscarriage?

    The nature of dreams, no matter how much it is studied, still remains mysterious and raises many questions. Sometimes in a dream we see nice things, and sometimes we have nightmares that are difficult to explain. For example, why dream miscarriage. Unfortunately, dream books agree that this dream does not bode well.

    • If a girl or a childless woman dreamed that she had a miscarriage, she should be prepared for the fact that her plans (especially in the area of ​​personal relationships) can be ruined.
    • If a woman who has children has a miscarriage, then she should pay more attention to children. It is believed that such a dream foreshadows the woman problems associated with the unseemly behavior of her children or their illness.
    • But a pregnant woman should not be frightened if she had a miscarriage. For her, such a dream is just a reflection of her daily fears for the development of the unborn child and the outcome of pregnancy.
    • No matter how strange it may seem, men can also see dreams about miscarriage.For them, such dreams foreshadow the collapse of their designs and aspirations.

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