• What dreams of lilac?

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    What dreams of lilac?

    Fragrant lilac flowers cause only pleasant associations. Romantic summer nights, dreams of love, first love ... In addition, according to legend, the found lilac flower with five petals promises happiness and fulfillment of desires. The image of a lilac seen in a dream is also associated with these associations and in most cases foreshadows the dreamer only good favorable events. In order to find out as precisely as possible what the lilac dream is about, you need to recall the dream in the smallest details: the plot, the emotions that were overwhelming at that moment.

    How to interpret a dream with lilac

    So, lilac in a dream is a good sign, a symbol of pleasant love events, big changes in personal life. Interpretations of sleep, depending on the type of lilac and the actions that were performed on it, can be varied.

    • Blooming lilac - positive emotions, good news, romance, a surge of feelings.
    • To stand under a lilac bush - to a fascinating love affair, which, however, will not last long, but will leave only bright memories behind.
    • Tear the lilac - soon you will achieve the desired.
    • Bouquet of lilac - you have a frank conversation with your loved one, from which you will learn a lot of good things about him. Lonely people dream foretells such a romantic meeting. Spouses long married - the revival of long-forgotten feelings, tenderness.
    • But if a bouquet of lilac in your dream has wilted, it means that cooling between lovers is expected soon.
    • To feel the aroma of lilac in a dream - the charm of a man of the opposite sex, an extraordinary attraction to him.
    • The color of lilac is also important - if it was white - it symbolizes the purity and sincerity of the feelings, if blue - the languor of the heart, love longing.
    • Ambiguously, dream books characterize the image of a lilac branch - it can dream of illusion and deceptive hopes, as well as advice to beware of strangers.
    • Look at the lilac bush from the window - an unexpected and very pleasant surprise awaits you.

    These are the pleasant and romantic interpretations of this dream.

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