• What dreams of raki?

    Sergey Kascheev
    Sergey Kascheev
    August 8, 2012
    What dreams of raki?

    Modern dream books agree that cancer in a dream symbolizes stagnation or retreat. Perhaps the phrase "back up like cancer" came from here. And still the cancer is a symbol of the unrealizability. Again, we recall the expression "when the cancer on the mountain whistles." The saying "find out where the crayfish winter" means the opportunity to get acquainted with very serious troubles the hard way. Interpreters of dreams agree with the saying, they warn us: crayfish - to trouble.

    The difference in interpretations of what dreams are for crayfish also depends on the context in which you see them.

    • If in a dream you caught cancer, then you will find a way out of stagnation in reality.
    • Cancer, which creeps on you, symbolizes disagreements with the environment, senseless disputes.
    • A huge cancer or a few big crabs in a dream is a symbol of your laziness in reality.
    • Eating a boiled cancer in a dream means being happy in reality. Boiled cancer can dream to a party with friends or to a pleasant new acquaintance.

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