• What dreams of candy?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    August 7, 2012
    What dreams of candy?

    If you somehow dreamed one night that you alone dealt with a whole box of chocolates, then, most likely, you are on a rigid diet and dream of sweets, in dreams and in reality. But if this is not the case, and the candies themselves are not the subject of your lust, then you just need to know what dreams of candy.

    Candies, and indeed sweets, foreshadow you various life pleasures, interesting meetings, enjoying life. Candy in a very beautiful, brilliant and bright candy wrapper promises you a meeting with an extremely interesting person. In addition, if it turns out to be very tasty, then the acquaintance with this person can be fateful for you. But if there is a tasteless sweetness under the beautiful wrapper, this person will be a deceiver and you should not trust his attractive appearance.

    If a girl dreams of candy, it means that she will have to fend off overly obsessive boyfriends. A young man to see in a dream a box of chocolates, presented to him by a certain person, - to his intention to make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, who, by the way,will reject him.

    Buy candy - to the arrival of relatives. There are sweets myself - you will find good news. And if you treat someone with sweets, this is a sure sign that you will make a new good friend. You are treated to candy in a dream - prepare a festive outfit, as soon you will be invited to the celebration.

    Perhaps someone will be most interesting to know what dreams of chocolates and candy. Chocolates promise to get a lot of money in the near future, and the candies dream, unfortunately, only to the little things.

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