• Why dream of an unfamiliar girl?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    February 18, 2015
    Why dream of an unfamiliar girl?

    A stranger in a dream always intrigues, and for good reason, because the values ​​of a given dream are many: it all depends on how it looks and behaves. Let's see what dream unfamiliar girl.

    Below are interpretations of different dreams with a girl.

    Stranger: interpretation of sleep

    Probably the most interesting and complete interpretation of a dream about a stranger is given in the so-called "Ancient dream book". According to him, an unfamiliar girl is a symbol of plans and current affairs, a person's ideas about happiness and unhappiness, the true state of his soul. The mood of a stranger is a symbol of how a person actually relates to his actions.

    • If you dream of a beautiful, pleasant woman - this is a sign of good luck, joy and profit. But the ugly disheveled stranger - a bad sign, indicating poverty and quarrels.
    • If the stranger is submissive and humble, then you will have a small but important step in spiritual development. In the event that a woman in a dream takes care of children - this is to the bloom of mental strength.If a woman is evil, harsh and cold - this is a sign that you yourself are deceiving yourself, betraying your soul.
    • When in a dream, a stranger calls for help - this means that conscience pangs await you, and if you see a tortured stranger in the blood, take a dream as a sign of self-abuse.
    • If a stranger is running after you, it means that you have not found your place in life and are going the wrong way. In the event that you chase her away - this is a sign that you need spiritual help.

    As you see, a stranger is a kind of reference point, she shows you your problems and makes it possible to correct them in time.

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