• What does white color mean?

    Anton Kravchenko
    Anton Kravchenko
    July 30, 2012
    What does white color mean?

    We can say that white color, along with black, is the most in our life. Many nations are associated with many traditions and beliefs with this color. And what white color means - let's understand.

    White color

    The generally accepted white color is purity, innocence, innocence. In addition, white color is characterized by perfection and equality. And it is not by chance that white color combines all other colors.

    White color can be found in mythology and religion. The clothes of white color were worn by the priests in Africa, as it was a talisman and support. White animals were sacrificed as an act of reconciliation with deities.

    But in the east, in ancient Greece and Rome, white clothes were worn with mourning.

    By the way, have you ever wondered what white color means on the doorposts and window frames? It turns out that the white color protects from evil outside; it does not let home the pain and adversity.

    In addition, white color can be found everywhere - white gowns at doctors (they symbolize salvation from death),Judge's white wig (it means impartiality of thoughts). The white dress of the bride symbolizes her purity and innocence.

    In psychology, white is neutral. And it has many meanings - light, peace, serenity, truth, commitment, fullness, intactness, etc.

    Also, some experts refer to white to cold, most likely due to the fact that ice and snow are white.

    What does white color mean?

    White flowers will very well complement any bouquet. It is already unpleasant to think about what flowers we give and what color. However, each flower and its colors have their own meaning. So, white flowers mean purity, honesty and chastity of a woman. White flowers are often used at weddings so that the lives of young spouses be happy.

    In general, all the representatives of the weaker sex love to receive flowers as a gift. And if you know what white flowers mean, you can make a bouquet with a hint of the quality of your sweetheart.

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