• What does the handwriting say?

    Tatyana Eflina
    Tatyana Eflina
    November 21, 2014
    What does the handwriting say?

    Each person has their own individual style. Someone writes in round letters, someone sharp, someone large, and someone small. Handwriting is a hidden informant. He can tell us about the personality of a person, his character traits.

    You can learn about the character of a person by reading the article How to determine a character by handwriting. Let's find out what the handwriting is talking about.

    Letter size and shape

    Large letters indicate the impracticality of character, as well as the energy and sociability of man.

    Small letters are usually found in prudent and restrained people.

    If the letters are narrow, it means that it is difficult for a person to express his feelings, he is prone to self-digging. If the letters are wide, the person easily relates to what is happening, he is not self-critical.


    If the words and letters are written exactly and correctly, then the person clearly thinks. If the letters are stuck together, the lines dance up and down, which means that the person is not sociable, illogically thinking.

    If a person makes too large a gap between the lines, it means that he is very attentive and careful.A small gap speaks of lack of organization and excessive emotionality. And the average interval - a sign of clarity of mind.

    The width between the words shows the attitude of a person towards people who are close by. Equal intervals between words indicate a stable and reliable relationship with others. And unequal intervals speak of impermanence in relationships. Narrow spaces indicate that it is easy for a person to get along with any environment. Wide spaces occur in a person who loves loneliness.

    If the letters are connected by lines in the word, it means that the person more often thinks logically. Not connected letters speak that the person relies on intuition.

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