• What do the lines on the palm mean?

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    What do the lines on the palm mean?

    People have long wanted to look ahead and find out what awaits them in the future, which is probably why there are various methods to do this.

    A little palm secret and reveal the nature of a person will help. What the lines mean is pretty easy to learn; all you need is desire and good vision.

    Palmistry is one of divination systems, its purpose is to read information about a person along the lines on his hand. The word "palmistry" came from three words at once, which in translation means "hand", "teaching" and "guessing."

    In the 17th century, the attitude towards palmistry was far from unequivocal. For example, in Germany, she was taught at universities along with the sciences, but in England, palmistry was, on the contrary, forbidden, as one of the forms of witchcraft.

    Nowadays, anyone can learn the basics of palmistry and learn what the lines on the palm mean.

    Life line

    Probably everyone, even a person who is not interested in fortune telling, knows about the lifeline.The life line begins between the thumb and forefinger and goes to the wrist. Not many people know that this line is associated with the father. On it you can judge the problems in the relationship.

    Ideally, it should be an even and clear C-shaped line, but, of course, this is not always the case - most often the lifeline has irregularities and other structural disorders, all of which testifies to both health problems and changes in of life.

    Line of fate

    The line of fate goes diagonally from the middle finger down.

    If the line of fate is clearly delineated, then most likely, the person feels that he is “floating with the flow,” that is, he does not control his own destiny. And on the contrary, if this line is interrupted, it is hardly noticeable, then the person is, as they say, the master of his fate.Lines on hand

    Mind line

    The line of mind begins from the same point as the line of life, but it goes across the palm of your hand.

    The line of mind is responsible for logic, memory and thinking. The straight line of the mind indicates that a person has logical thinking, but a curved one indicates the presence of a creative approach to things. However, like other lines, the line of the mind must be considered in conjunction with other lines in order to get a more complete and accurate picture of the person and his character.

    Heart line

    The line of the heart begins from the side of the little finger, runs parallel to the line of the mind.

    This line can show a loving feeling that a person is able to experience, as well as something to which he is most oriented. The heart line reflects the relationship between partners.

    How to know the future on the lines on hand

    Many women certainly want to know the number of future children, you can do itPalmlooking at the line of marriage (it is located on the hill of Mercury, this is a small dash, located right near the little finger). The lines of children depart perpendicular to the upward line of the marriage, which may also be several.

    Apollo's line testifies to the great opportunities of man and his talents. The line of Apollo begins at the ring finger and goes down or rounded to the little finger. However, the line should be well pronounced and cross the groove along the palm, only in this case something can be said. Such a line of Apollo says about the successful future of a man, that he realizes his talents and in general will be happy in life.

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