• What dishes do you use?

    Hostess housewives. Tell us who uses what?

    Where now you can buy decent dishes with a good price?

    Auchan and others like them is not an option. Passed stage.

    a guest21.09.17 14:03

    I recently also decided to update the dishes myself, I started with a selection of pans. The other day I found an article on this topic.https://kitchendecorium.ru/accessories-decor/posuda/gid-po-vyboru-universalnoj-skovorody.html. There is a guide on the choice of pans, did not know that they are all so different. So I was able to decide what I want and which one fits under my stove. The other day I want to go buy

    I have Indesit. I will not write a model, because I do not know which one you need in terms of dimensions. Look, they have a large selection of what is called for every taste, color and size)

    Not obsessed with expensive dishes, I also have budget China, if I look at the saucepans, I don’t look at the price, but at the quality, so that they are stainless steel and with a multi-layer bottom, they are more durable and there are no flaws on them, I have such a typesetter from Nadova I took them in the summer with other kitchen utensils onhttp://posudagroup.ru/, they always have a great choice and wholesale prices, if you take on several positions give a good discount.

    Come see the dishes at the Fissman storehttp://tc-elektra.ru/renter/fissman/.Made by a unique technology, has an aesthetic appearance. Reasonable price, nice and easy to cook in it.

    I use mostly steel utensils (stainless steel).

    And in Auchan why not like the range?

    My wife recently took in the building hypermarket - there was a very cool assortment in the department - dishes.

    I'm planning on buying a frying pan right nowhttps://www.superposuda.ru/skovorodi.html- a very good store and as for the dishes, you can also safely contact them - they have a huge assortment of absolutely all dishes, everything you need - you can find there freely, therefore I strongly advise you to look. I once considered a range of absolutely all stores - I think, but at least very many, and this one out of competition is unequivocal.

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