• What color should the wallet be?

    Roman Zhdanov
    Roman Zhdanov
    December 20, 2012
    What color should the wallet be?

    A purse is a sacred object in which monetary energy is stored. From this position it should be considered. Perhaps let's start with what color the wallet should be. According to some beliefs, the wallet stores and holds energy in itself, and for this purpose the red color is perfect, but in the same beliefs there is an idea that water energy feeds money, therefore the color can be blue and black. There are also legends that recommend green color, well, by the way, and all the others. I must say boldly - the choice of the color of the wallet - it is solely a matter of taste.

    Some women of fashion believe that the wallet should match the color of your purse, clothes and shoes. In fact, most of the time your wallet spends it in your purse and only you care about its color. Although if you are used to walking and defiantly holding the wallet in your hands, this is a different conversation, then you should think about the combination of colors, but it’s difficult to advise something. You have to decide for yourself the combination of colors.That is, the question of what color to buy a wallet, you must answer for yourself and understand - is it advisable to choose a wallet for shoes.

    It will be more rational to choose a wallet in form. It is necessary to choose such that bills fit comfortably into it and it is desirable that they do not bend at the same time. If the big wallets are not yours, then choose one in which the bills will bend over, but they will not be crumpled.

    And if you go back to talking about signs and beliefs and wonder what color of the wallet attracts money? We already spoke about color at the very beginning. But not only the color attracts money, but also the contents of the wallet. To attract money luck, put Chinese coins in your wallet, and tie them up with a red ribbon. Also, an excellent money talisman is a one dollar bill, sometimes it is also folded in the shape of a pyramid. Another talisman is an unchangeable note in your wallet, it will be good if you get it from a successful rich person.

    Another belief that attracts money is the process of unfolding money. It is considered important to fold bills according to their dignity, ranging from the largest to the smaller ones.All bills should face you. This procedure should be a ritual that will give you pleasure. It is also not recommended to count money in your wallet in the evening or at night. It is better to postpone it in the morning, before leaving your home. And most importantly, the wallet should not be old and worn!

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