• What can you say interesting?

    Skillful speakers who could hold the attention of the audience for a long time were always appreciated. The ability to have an interesting conversation demonstrates the high intelligence and appropriate cultural level of the narrator. A skilled speaker is always the soul of a company, such a person will easily find something to talk with strangers. It may appear that the ability to communicate freely and easily on any topic is inherent quality. But actually it is not. The skills of interesting speech can be mastered by setting the appropriate task. And then the phrase "tell what may be interesting" will not sound dismal for us. You need to stock up on books, a mirror, a voice recorder, and ensure yourself access to the Internet.

    We write and read

    This may seem strange, but the work on mastering the subtleties of an interesting conversation should not begin with a conversation, but with a letter. Let's try to make a diary and write down all the vicissitudes of the day. We make sure that our notes are succinct and clear, we learn how to structure speech and identify the main thing in it. Developing vocabulary, we turn to classical literature.Not limited to the classics, we study scientific works on a topic close to us. Referring to the dictionaries, remember the meaning of unfamiliar concepts in order to use them later in conversation.

    We speak and tell

    And now we already know that you can tell interesting things, it's time to do the improvement of diction. No matter how emotional and interesting the story is, the listeners will perceive it badly if the narrator loses the endings of the words or does not pronounce all the letters. We master the technique of special exercises that develop the mobility of the muscles of the tongue and lips. We learn tongue twisters, trying to ensure that they are pronounced clearly and at a sufficiently high speed. Appeal to the basics of oratory. You can bring to the aid of work on the theory of eloquence.

    Having mastered the craft of structuring your stories, proceed to the next exercise. It is better to perform it in the presence of a listener who is able to objectively assess our success. Choose any word and talk about it for some time, for example, five minutes. Let it be the word "apple". Thus, for five minutes we have to tell everything we know about apples, laying out the art of eloquence to the end.At the end of the exercise we are interested in the listener's opinion about our story: was it interesting for him to listen, was it easy to follow the logic of the story.


    We turn to monologues on all sorts of topics: from politics to floriculture. It is useful to proclaim them in front of a mirror. Thus, we will appreciate their gestures and facial expressions. Their inconclusiveness can be eliminated by relying on special sign language manuals. In addition, monologues can be recorded on the recorder and listen to them some time later. So we will fairly objectively evaluate our speech, we will see its advantages and disadvantages.

    Performing exercises and studying the theory will not give anything without sufficient practice. It is useful to try to start a conversation with a stranger, for example, let it be the seller in the store. The subject of the conversation may be completely distracted. We are more in various companies, where we start conversations on topics of interest to us. The main thing here is to have a sense of proportion and not to bother the society with unexpected talkativeness. After all, the fact that we have mastered some methods of eloquence does not mean that we should unlearn how to listen to others.Do not forget that the overly enthusiastic storytellers, who are just waiting for the question: what will you tell the interesting in order to appear in all its narcissistic beauty, are gradually avoided. It is very important to stay here at the golden mean, then we will always be in the center of attention, and our stories will not tire anyone.

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