• What can cook low-calorie?

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    Low-calorie - this is vegetables. Vegetables can be baked in the oven, steamed. It will be very useful))) You can cut the potato slices, put them on a baking sheet, put tomatoes on top and sprinkle with greens. Put in the oven for 30 minutes. Try to do without mayonnaise, or replace with low-calorie. Another low-calorie - this is a fruit salad, and there is nothing to say here)))) eat more fruit salad))) Well, actually, make rice with spinach. Very healthy and low in calories. Another pumpkin baked in the oven is very tasty and not high in calories. And instead of bread, eat bread.
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    You can not eat more ... no fruit salad, or anything else))) fewer calories will be if you simply eat less of what you already love to eat) you have nothing to torture yourself with stupidity to eat something extra and frankly nifiga is not tasty like spinach with gadsky bread))) down with such troubles) just eat less, get busy and stupid thoughts of empty head about food will leave the head puzzled by at least something more useful and practical =)))
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    Turkey breast, baked in the oven (I make it in the "sleeve"), spread, salt, put it in the sleeve, put it in the oven and forget about it for 1 hour. The above vegetables are good, but they will be eaten after them in half an hour and much. In turkey breast there is no fat at all (almost), a lot of protein, few calories. Protein will give a feeling of fullness for a long time.
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    O_O well, and options ...

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