• What can be made of ribbons?

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    What can be made of ribbons?

    It is difficult to find a girl who does not like to do needlework, however, not everyone today can find time to practice her hobby - studies, work, and household chores interfere forever. However, some types of handicrafts do not need much time.

    In this article we will tell you what and how you can make from the most ordinary ribbons.

    The most interesting occupation - weaving of ribbons. This, by the way, is not only interesting, but also simple. Weaving of ribbons allows you to create very, very colorful and original products. You can also weave a multi-colored bracelet for a child or a hippie girlfriend, and make a beautiful bookmark for a book. There are a lot of weaving patterns telling how to make bracelets of ribbons, but the easiest one is to sew the required number of ribbons along the upper edge and start weaving at least according to the simplest braid, and then sew the bottom edge. On top of the seams, you can fasten a decorative element, for example, a beautiful button.

    It is also possible to make beautiful flowers from a ribbon, which can serve both as decorative elements and accessories.If you sew an elastic band to a flower with ribbons, you will get an interesting hair accessory, and if you simply pin the pin, you will get a brooch. Consider an example of how to make flowers from ribbons.

    Try it yourself!

    Very original flowers are obtained according to the following weaving pattern:

    1. We take the base (any dense material) and cut out a circle with a diameter of 8 cm from it.
    2. We turn the base into a cone, for which we make a slot in one place from edge to center, form a cone and sew the cut.
    3. Tape put on a cone, sew in one place.
    4. We begin to lay the ribbon waves, forming a flower.
    5. Sew the remaining end - and it's done!from ribbons

    This scheme is good because it leaves room for imagination: by putting the ribbon in different ways, you can - make a luxurious rose from a ribbon or a simple field flower. However, this scheme is not the only one, on the Internet you can find a lot of “recipes” on how to make flowers from ribbons with your own hands.

    Of course, you can make ribbons of ribbon, which will serve as elements for decorating a variety of things - children's clothing, boring sweaters, and, of course, boxes of gifts.from ribbons

    By the way, ribbons will help to make exclusive the most ordinary gift, for example, a diary, photo frame or photo album.At first, all these things can be draped with an unnecessary cloth, and on top of it can be embroidered with ribbons. Handmade gifts are now in fashion, and they will surely delight a person who has "everything."

    As you can see, all the schemes are quite simple, and the time to create each product is minimal. We hope you always have time for such crafts!

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