• What is beer made from?

    Svetlana Darling
    Svetlana Darling
    January 25, 2013
    What is beer made from?

    Beer is a product obtained by fermenting malt wort with beer yeast. Many people love this foamy drink, but not everyone knows what beer is made of. The recipe, meanwhile, is very simple, because the classic recipe uses only four components: malt, hops, brewer's yeast and water.

    Classic recipe

    Before you tell how to make beer, you need to elaborate on one of the components - malt. Malt is specially prepared barley. The barley raw materials that arrived at the plant undergo a mandatory cleaning and disinfection procedure. In order for the necessary chemical changes to occur inside the seeds, which contribute to the subsequent fermentation, the grain is soaked and allowed to germinate. After the green shoots are removed, the barley itself is dried. After a month, extracts get what they make beer according to the classic recipe - barley malt.

    Ready malt is crushed and goes to the production of beer wort, the so-called mashing.The essence of mashing is the mixing of crushed barley grains with water and the subsequent gradual heating of the resulting mass. High temperature is necessary for the activation of enzymes and saccharification of the mixture. By the way, the quality of beer depends not only on raw materials, but also on water. The softer it is, the tastier the drink is.

    The heated infusion is filtered twice and sent to the next step of making beer - boiling with the addition of hops. It is at this stage that beer acquires its own special taste and aroma. In addition, the cooking process allows you to save the wort from unwanted substances.

    Before adding yeast, the wort is cleaned of particles of malt and hops, and enriched with oxygen, so that the fermentation process is more active. With the direct fermentation of the wort, ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide are released. So everyone's favorite drink falls into the category of low alcohol. Strained beer is aged for several months and bottled.

    Modern beer

    It is worth noting that in modern production the traditional recipe for beer has been somewhat modified in order to speed up and cheapen the cooking process. Barley is diluted with corn, rice and other cereal crops, and various syrups are added to make more wort when cooked.What beer is made of now, of course, reduces its cost, but at the same time significantly reduces the taste of the drink.

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